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I meet with my team every week to go over our numbers to ensure we are on track (I highly recommend you do the same) and wasn't happy with the results. Our organic reach and advertising results on Facebook and Instagram decreased significantly. It has to do with the IOS update and no more iPhone tracking which could be half or more of your audience, depending on where you live. And, Google AdWords will also start restricting their audiences. These big guys are making it way more difficult for you to reach new prospective patients. If plastic surgeons can't advertise to consumers, how the heck are you supposed to grow your practice? To find the answer for you, I did what I always do... I Googled it, "How can I get more cosmetic patients?" Google listed 6 ways and I happen to have an autopilot system that addresses 4 of them so please check it out. Here are the 6 ways in more detail: Get more reviews Since Google owns the planet, I recommend you focus on Goog